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Who can enrol?

Young People's (aged 16-18including Year 11s) Information:

You will need to apply for a course before you can enrol.If you have applied, been interviewed and offered a place,you can complete your enrolment online or by visiting us at our Deane Road Campus.

If you'd prefer to enrol online you can do this by following the instructions in your ‘Offer Email’ or by logging in to yourAccount this allows you to do everything online, including uploading a picture ofyour GCSE results, checking your contact detailsand confirming your enrolment.If you haven’t received your email, please emailadmissions@boltoncc.ac.ukand provide your full name, date of birth and, if you know it, your Ƶ ID number.

If you prefer to visit usthen check out the Centre enrolment days and times below. No appointment required, just bring yourself and your GCSE results.

If you have any issues enrolling online, you can contact our Learner Hub Team using our livechat from any screen in your Learner Hub Account or emaillearner.hub@boltoncc.ac.ukfor help.

If you have not yet applied for a course, pleaseview the courseswe are offering from September.

Adult (aged 19+) Enrolment Information:

You can enrol online using the, but if you are struggling and wish to enrol face to face, then we can support you at our Deane Road Campus. Check out the Summer Enrolment Times below. No appointments required.

You can enrol for many of our courses online via our website by finding the details of the course you are interested in and clicking the ‘Enrol’ button. You will need to have your payment method or your valid benefits / proof of earnings evidence with you to complete your enrolment. For more information on what evidence we can accept, pleaseclick here.

You will need to either pay for your course (instalment plans are usually available if your chosen course costs more than £150 and runs for at least 12 weeks) or, provide appropriate evidence of why you don't pay, when you enrol. We are unable to reserve places on any course without payment or seeing the required evidence. Please note: if you wish to pay in instalments then, at the moment, you would have to visit us to do this.

Ifthe course is marked with a£iyou must have your interview before youcan enrol.

For courses that require an interview, you will need to apply first. To do this, find the course on our website and click the ‘apply’ button. Once you have had your interview we will email you with details of how to complete your enrolment online.

If you have applied, been interviewed and offered a place, the best way to complete your enrolment and confirm your place is to log in to your Learner Hub Account () and do everything online including uploading a pic ofyour GCSE results, checking your contact detailsand confirming your enrolment.

We have been sending emails about how to enrol online over the Summer with the final one going out just before GCSE results day fromlearner.hub@boltoncc.ac.uk If you haven’t received your copy please emaillearner.hub@boltoncc.ac.ukand provide your full name, date of birth and, if you know it, your Ƶ ID number. Please tell us your new email address so we can update your learner record and resend your email.

Don't forget to check fees and eligibility before you come in to College to enrol using the links below...

Enrolment Times- we occasionally need to change the times shown below at short notice however, we do endeavour to keep this page up to date.

*Some courses cannot be paid by instalments. Please check our course brochure or ask a member of staff for more information.