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Eduroam is a secure education roaming wireless (Wi-Fi)

Using Eduroam

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Eduroam is a secure education roaming wireless (Wi-Fi) service for users in education. It provides all users easy and secure network access locally and when visiting other educational institutions which support the eduroam network.

To connect:

  1. Go to Wi-Fi settings and select 'eduroam'
  2. When prompted, enter your Ƶusernamefollowed by@boltoncollege365.ac.uk.For example:username@boltoncollege365.ac.uk
  3. Enter your network login password
  4. If prompted accept any certificates by clicking TRUST

For further information, please refer to the and the website.

If you are experiencing issues with eduroam while visiting external education establishments, please contact Ƶ IT support services on 01204 482 119